Art & Design at Acre Heads

At Acre Heads, our vision for art and design is to use first-hand experience, experimentation and the development of ideas and skills based on a wide range of stimuli to produce quality pieces of work. We ensure progression in the full range of knowledge and skills needed by the children and promote breadth and balance in their work. Children love art at Acre Heads and our approach enthuses the children and leads to some exciting art, craft and design opportunities within the overall theme-based approach. Art, craft and design provide visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a special way of understanding and responding to the world. The beautiful displays around our school are testament to the quality of our teaching and learning experiences.

The Teaching of Art & Design Through a Structured Process

All pupils at Acre Heads have access to a broad, balanced and enriching Art & Design curriculum through a spiral designed scheme of work with the following key principles in mind:

Cyclical: Pupils return to the key areas again and again during their time at Acre Heads.

Increasing Depth: Each time a key area is revisited it is covered with greater complexity.

Prior Knowledge: Upon returning to each key area, prior knowledge is utilised so pupils can build upon previous foundations, rather than starting again

Where possible, key Art & Design & Technology units are allocated into linked curriculum themes or taught as discreet areas.

Scheme of Work Structure

Lesson 1
During the first lesson, pupils are provided with an initial stimulus designed to influence and inspire. A range of artists and movements – from the ancient to the modern world – enhance the curriculum.

Unit Lessons
Lessons are planned carefully so that pupils learn new skills and knowledge, with the opportunity to apply this new learning in a practical context. Skills, knowledge and resources increase in complexity as the children progress through the school.

Each unit culminates with a final piece of work; designed to celebrate the achievements of the children and allow them the opportunity to evaluate and reflect on the quality of their work.

Progression of Knowledge through the Year Groups

Impact of Art & Design at Acre Heads

Our  curriculum facilitates an understanding that through Art and Design, the resulting work produced can impact through an appreciation for its beauty and/or its emotional expression. Art and Design Knowledge encapsulates creative thinking as well as creativity. It embraces evaluative processes, self-improvement and self-expression. These attributes are multi-disciplinary, but developed through Art and Design.

Art & Design Journal Examples

“I Know how to use different grades of pencil to shade and show tones & textures within my pictures.”

Jess, Year 3

“After creating my David Hockney, I can create a colour wash using different strokes, layers and blending.”

Jake, Year 2

“After Art Week, I enjoyed exploring the style of David Hockney and applied his style of art in my portfolio.”

Max, Year 6

“It was fun investigating different artists and exploring different features of art from historical periods.”

Emma, Year 5
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