School Governors at Acre Heads

The Governing Body of Acre Heads Primary School believes that our school is, and should be, the heart of our community and we are proud to act as a ‘critical friend’ in support. We work in partnership with the Headteacher and staff in maintaining and developing the ethos and reputation of our school. We help to promote high standards of educational achievement and are committed to securing the welfare and well-being of all the pupils so that they develop in to happy and successful young people.

The Governors are from a range of different backgrounds that help us to support the school in various ways. We are all linked to a specific element of school whether it be a class, a subject or an area such as Special Educational Needs. However, we are all committed to our core aim which is to support the staff and children at our school in being the best that they can be.

Governors of the school are elected or co-opted for a four-year term. Governors’ meetings are held every term. The committees include Finance, Achievement, Safeguarding and Personnel.

It is the Governors’ responsibility to set the direction in which the school is developing, leaving the day-to-day management to the Headteacher in consultation with the staff.

The role of school governors:

  • Set the vision for the school’s future

  • Decide what is taught

  • Set standards of behaviour

  • Interview and select staff

  • Decide how the school budget is spent

  • Challenge the school leaders about performance

School Governors 2022-2023: