Foundation Stage Assessment

During the first six weeks at Acre Heads, your child will complete the Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA). The RBA is a new national test that will be administered in Reception classes in all primary, infant and first schools in England. The baseline is a task-based assessment, focusing on early literacy and maths skills, using physical materials that children can easily handle, such as plastic shapes and picture sequencing cards.

The wording of each task has been carefully designed to maximise accessibility and to be child-friendly. The assessment includes routing, which helps to prevent pupils from being presented with too many activities in which they are unlikely to be successful. It is not a formal test and children will not need to prepare for it in any way.

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At Acre Heads, we use an online learning journal called ‘Seesaw.’ Seesaw builds a record of your child’s experiences, development and learning journey throughout Foundation Stage. Using photos, videos and diary entries, teachers show the story of how your child is growing and developing. All information held in the platform is stored securely, and can be downloaded and shared as required. You will also be invited to add your own observations to your child’s learning journal, as the year progresses.

At the end of reception, you will receive a written report which includes information on your child’s progress towards the Early Learning Goals in each of the areas of learning. Your child will achieve emerging, expected or exceeding. The report will also contain a description of their characteristics of effective learning.

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