Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

SEND Provision at Acre Heads

We are extremely proud of our SEND provision at Acre Heads Primary School and our SEND Local offer was recognised nationally when we were awarded the ‘Inclusion Quality Mark: Centre of Excellence’ status in 2018-21 and currently hold Inclusive School 2021-2024. As an IQM Inclusive School, we actively promote access and diversity, raise achievement for all, create an environment for all to succeed and improve the inclusive nature of the school. We believe the documents on this page will give you a greater insight into our SEND provision and how we can support you and your child in getting the best out of school life at Acre Heads.

Acre Heads’ SENDCo
Mrs M. Radge

SEND Information Report/Local Offer and SEND Policy

The links below will open our SEND Information Report/Local Offer and our SEND Policy. These documents outline what SEND is, how we recognise if a child potentially has SEND, how we can support a parent and their child if SEND provision is provided and other frequently asked questions.

SEND Graduated Response Pathways

Our SEND graduated response pathways are a great reference guide to the process that you may go through if your child experiences difficulties at any point during his/her time at Acre Heads relating to SEND. The pathways are not exhaustive, but cover some of the more common areas of difficulty that a child may experience. You may notice that our first response to most potential SEND difficulties are usually met within the classroom under the direction of your child’s class teacher. Quality first teaching that is differentiated to meet a child’s needs in conjunction with strong working relationships and dialogue between home and school, will usually be all that is needed to help a child experiencing short term SEND difficulties. We do however recognise that for some children, more formal discussions and additional support may be needed to meet a shorter term or longer term difficulty.

Removing Barriers to Learning

A ‘barrier to learning’ is anything that stands in the way of a child being able to learn effectively. A child may experience one or more SEND barriers to learning during their time at school. The document below outlines some of the potential barriers to learning that a child may experience at school with SEND and how school staff can help to overcome these. Again, the lists and strategies they contain are not exhaustive, but can be used to support a teacher in the classroom, a parent at home or the child themselves. It contains useful links to other external sources of information/websites.

Internal Staff and External Professionals who support SEND at Acre Heads

We are extremely fortunate at Acre Heads to have a large group of highly effective and time served SEND staff who can support your child and family. The document below contains a little bit about each staff member, a short description about their role and a photo for reference.


Our Accessibility Policy and Plan outlines how our curriculum and school environment caters for children, parents and carers is as fully accessible as possible.

For the school’s Accessibility Plan please visit School Policies section of the website.

East Riding Local Offer

Additional SEND information about services available in the local area can be found at the East Riding Council Local Offer webpage http://eastridinglocaloffer.org.uk/ or by clicking on the East Riding Local Offer logo:

What is a local offer?

In Hull and the East Riding there’s lots of support available to children with disabilities and special educational needs, and their families. You’ll find information about that Local Offer of support here.

Whether it relates to education, health, social care or parental support, and regardless of who’s providing it, we’ll aim to point you in the right direction.

Further information:

Organisations and Websites Offering Further Information and Support for SEND: