Remote Learning

During the Covid outbreak, Acre Heads created a detailed plan to cover Covid absences, class and school closures. We will continue to monitor and complete dynamic risk assessments to manage the outbreak of contagious diseases and will follow the school’s outbreak management plan.​

We use Google Classroom and Seesaw to provide learning for your child to complete, if your child’s learning is disrupted. The learning will be closely aligned to the learning that is happening in school and your child’s year group curriculum plan. Your child’s class teacher will provide feedback on your child’s learning and will be available for you to contact through Google Classroom/Google Meet or the year group email address. Your child’s login details for the learning systems are printed on your child’s reading journal. If you have any difficulty accessing the remote learning systems, please contact the Welcome Desk.

If your child needs a device, please contact the Welcome Desk and we will be able to provide a loan Chromebook, Windows Laptop or iPad to access our remote learning systems.

Remote Learning Information